Monday, 14 January 2013

Altered Tin & Paper Rose

I've started the New Year with a couple of new projects. Over the Christmas period, I used some free time to look at some ideas on YouTube. I'd heard a lot about altered art, and was keen to find out more. I saw some lovely altered Altoid tins, and thought I'd have a go! I wasn't sure if you could even buy Altoid mints in the UK, so I used an old tin I had which looked like it was from the 60's, that originally had lozenges in it. I had a few glitches with this tin, I used Mod Podge to glue & seal the papers, but it wrinkled up quite a lot. I'm reasonably happy with the way it came out though.

I wanted to give the tin a vintage look by inking the edges.
This is a photo of my cat Suzy & a handmade red rose.

The second project was a handmade paper rose. I saw a very good tutorial on a website called The Scrappe Shoppe Blog. The rose should have a ceramic look when finished.

Wet a piece of cardstock (approx 5"x5") under the tap & carefully scrunch into a ball, open the card out & allow to dry. Once the card is dry brush a layer of Mod Podge Matte over both sides, allow one side to dry before covering the other side.

Cut the card into a circle & then cut a spiral from the circle, Starting with the end of the spiral, roll the card into a flower. Glue the bottom to secure, & coat the flower once more with Mod Podge.

My rose came out much tighter, because I cut the spiral into narrow strips, but I was pleased with the ceramic effect finish. If you want to see a more detailed tutorial, click on The Scrappe Shoppe Blog link above - Michele's roses are beautiful!

I'm going to make myself a cup of tea now and have a look at Handmade Monday on Handmade Harbour, & see what crafty projects everyone else has made this week.

Happy New Year!

See you next week,

Melanie x.